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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Teaching through our Langdale Maths Cycle...


Last year, Langdale  adopted a new approach to a Maths cycle in each class which proved very successful in helping children to address misconceptions and reach their true potential through exciting mastery activities.. The idea of the cycle is to enhance pupil engagement and make good progress in all of the different areas of maths. We begin each units with a prior learning lesson to see what skills children are equipped with and then the following lessons are used to teach, develop and embed new skills!


Over the Autumn term, we will be covering:


-Rounding in context up to 1000 and 1 decimal place

-Recognising equivalent fractions and converting fractions to decimals 

-Finding fractions of quantites using diagrams and illustrations 

-Telling the time to the nearest minute and reading time intervals 

-Using our knowledge of time to read timetables in a  real life context

-Developing our understanding of the properties of 2D shapes  and recognising 2D shapes in different orientations

-Working on the use of using all 4 operations in written methods

-Continuing to use the inverse to develop our mental oral skills 


Throughout the term, children will be given various opportunities to develop their  times tables  knowledge and hopefully will be practising times tables on a daily basis. In Year 4, we believe that using the inverse skill is also a great method to help us remeber our times table facts. Our inverse skills are noted through division facts.


e.g.                               9 x 4 = 36        36 / 4 = 9               


Children should be practising these skills at home just as much as they are practising and improving their times tables skills!


Useful links can be found below to help with embedding math skills for children: