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Early Years Foundation Stage - where the magic begins.

The foundation for a strong curriculum and outcomes is an excellent  Early Years  curriculum.

At Langdale Primary School, we have designed a progressive Early Years curriculum which supports all learners to develop and grow from their own individual starting points, in a caring and enabling environment.  Every child is an exceptional individual and we celebrate and respect differences within our school community by building positive relationships with our children and families. We are able to plan purposeful learning opportunities that support individual progress and embed a love for lifelong learning. The ability to learn is underpinned by the teaching of basic skills, knowledge and values that equips our children for their future successes. We inspire our children to become accomplished, happy individuals who are ready to reach their full potential in an ever-changing world.

We recognise that learning builds sequentially, by building knowledge, skills and learning behaviours which lead to identified end points and outcomes. Therefore, by the end of the Foundation Stage, we believe that our children are well-equipped and supported for their transition into Year 1.

Throughout our EYFS, we believe in broadening children’s experiences by providing opportunities to try new things and encouraging them to relish new challenges. Our provision allows children to take risks, explore and problem solve, helping children to reach their potential as active and curious learners. We implement strategies and support mechanisms to aid those who need additional support, ensuring that we maximise their chances of developing towards intended outcomes.

We ensure that our direct teaching and facilitating of children’s learning within the provision, encompasses and ‘weaves’ through the 7 key areas of learning so as not to miss opportunities to develop the ‘whole’ child. At Langdale, we foster a love of indoor and outdoor learning where we deliver a curriculum which builds on the Characteristics of Effective Learning and children’s own interests.



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