Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

Home Page


I hope that you find our website a useful introduction to our school. We aim to be a school at the heart of the community, where all learners are valued. Our ambition is to develop well rounded individuals who are:


  • Inspired to Achieve

  • Healthy and Happy

  • Independent and Resilient

  • Safe and Secure


Ensuring that all our children receive the best educational start in life.


If you are a new parent to our school, please click on our 'new parents information pack' which should support you and your child to prepare for a smooth transition into Langdale Primary School.


If you have any questions or are interested in visiting our school then please contact us on 01782297690,

alternatively our email is


Donna Russell

Head Teacher




This year the school and the PTFA are raising money for 'Langdale's Landscape.' Through this project, we plan to invest in our outdoor space, ensuring our children are provided with a wealth of learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom.

Take a look at our ambitious plan, outlined in the picture above. Our plan includes a small farm, an outdoor theatre, a scooter path around the perimeter of the field and access to a variety of outdoor environments that will allow our children to engage in forest schools and other outdoor ventures.


We hope you will support us by attending functions that we tirelessly commit to, in order to provide the best education and outcomes for your children.