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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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General Information


English & Maths homework will be sent home with your child every Monday and expected to be completed the following Monday. English and Maths homework tasks will complement key skills to enhance our learning throughout the week at school, and make direct links to the schemes of work being taught.


Spellings will also be sent out on a Monday, and children will be tested on these spellings the following Monday. Each week we will follow a spelling rule/pattern, therefore some weeks some spelling may be easy or hard. Securing the spelling rules will develop your children's spelling strategies when writing and will allow them to progress onto more complex words as the year progresses. They will be tested on a SAT’s style test each week, where each word which they have learnt, will fit into a sentences. E.g. Television – I watch Television on a Sunday afternoon.

Reading Diaries

Reading folders and reading diaries are expected to be brought to school every morning and reading diaries will be signed every Monday morning to ensure your children are reading at home 3 times a week. It’s crucial children read at home at least 3 times a week and children are encouraged to have their diaries signed 3 times a week. 

Water Bottles/Bags

Water bottles should also be brought into school every day along with reading folders. Children are given plenty of opportunities throughout the day to have a water break. Bags are now kept in safe lockers within the cloakrooms.



What we will be looking at this year!


Autumn Term

In the Autumn term, Year 4 will begin with the year with their British topic: The Vile Victorians! Children will be learning about our Great British Monarch as well as the Industrial Revolution! Children will also be learning about how times in education have changed after being given a 1st hand taster day of a Vile Victorian school day! We will be making varied and valid links between Christmas and the Victorian era; hopefully with the inclusion of a trip to the picturesque Blists Hill Village. Oliver Twist is most certain to be making an appearance in our learning throughout the Autumn term!



Spring Term

In the Spring term, Year 4 will look at the destruction of the Rainforest and how the environment affects this amazing part of the world. Again, children will develop their skills through geographical enquiry, looking at human and physical features of the rainforest and research ways society can contribute to saving the rainforest. 


Summer term

Year 4 will begin the Summer term by looking at ‘The Powerful Tutankhamun’ and what we can learn from The Ancient Egyptians. We will be making historical and geographical links to the Egyptians covering cross curricular areas where appropriate. Children will develop their historical enquiry skills through Art, Design, research and ICT.




This year we will again be using Accelerated reader. This is an embedded system for reading used by all children at Langdale and will ensure your children are reading books suitable for their age and ability. We begin with a short test which gives a reading age for your children and a special ZPD code which corresponds to a section of our school Library. Your children will then be given the opportunity to visit the library and select a book from their given section. Your children will then read their new book and once finished they can login to Accelerated reader (in school only) and complete a short comprehension about the book they have read.

They will then be given a percentage score out of 100% and will earn points which eventually allow them to move on to a new ZPD code, thus making progress. As you can see we will be celebrating 100% success in our online test and therefore highly promote in depth reading at home!