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Someone is ruining the Rainforest!!


After returning from our Christmas break...Year 4 were astonished to enter their classrooms in darkness...along with a note stapled to our wall reading "HELP! SOMEONE IS TRYING TO DESTROY MY HOME!!" Instantly, the children began to discuss who or what had left this message and why they needed our help here at Langdale! We went on to discuss possible messengers and if it could even be a human who had left the message...


We researched animals that live in the Rainforest and delved deeper into each layer of the Rainforest. We used our detective skills to pinpoint the layer of the tree in which the message had been left. We went on to make predictions and had class debates to discuss which creature this message may have arrived from...


Over the weeks, Year 4 have learnt a little more about the Rainforest layers and what animals may be endangered to the local and worldwide environments.


We are hoping that our trip to Chester Zoo will finally uncover the cryptic creature who has intrigued us so far...

Cryptic messages in Year 4...

Music Lessons in Year 4! 

Year 4 children have been given a super opportunity to learn how to play a new instrument this Autumn half term!

Our talented music teachers have very kindly offered their services to our year group in the hope children will dsicover a new hidden musical talent within themselves! 

Year 4's trip to Blists Hill!

On the 18th October, Year 4 visited a real Victorian working town just outside of Telford known as Blists Hill. The children were able to see how the revolution sparked a huge increase in trading and new inventions were born. The children also had the opportunity to visit the Victorian Bank and have a taste of what life was like surviving off pennies and shillings! We all had a fabulous day and the children's behaviour was impeccable!