Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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* Vision and Values

Our mission statement sets out our vision for every child at Langdale Primary School.


As a school, we work on the principles that we aim for every child at Langdale to be:

Safe and Secure

Independent and Resilient

Inspired to Achieve

Happy and Healthy

Underpinned by "To be Globally Aware"


These values are at the forefront of all of our decision making and we are proud to involve the children in every step of our decision making. 



Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our children will receive the best educational start in life, in a school at the heart of the community.’


Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together




Healthy and Happy

Safe and Secure

Independent and Resilient

Inspired to achieve

Value Descriptors

Our children are happy to come to school and learn. They enjoy learning in a school that cares about them and listens to them. Our children are happy and healthy with the help of a balanced diet, a full PE curriculum and extra-curricular sports offer and a strong focus on active learning. We not only place importance on a healthy body but a healthy mind through our mindfulness programme.

Our safeguarding procedures are rigorous and we prioritise the safety of our children and staff.

 Our children are taught to stay safe online and to keep themselves safe within the community. They learn mutual respect and how to help one another to stay safe. We are committed to teaching our children how to be a responsible citizen and to have good values and morals.


We build resilience through challenge and problem solving within our curriculum to ensure that our children are successful in all that they do. Our children support one another to be resilient through team work and collaboration. We have high expectations of our children to be independent by adopting a “Growth Mindset”. Our children learn that success is not a destination but a journey we take.

We offer a curriculum that inspires all children to achieve the best that they can be. Our children are taught the knowledge and skills that they need in all subjects to be well rounded individuals. We celebrate the small and the big milestones together.

Impact of values

Happy and healthy children who understand the importance of self-preservation

Responsible citizens within their local community

Children who rise to a challenge and don’t give up.

Children who strive to make something of themselves and give back to their community.

Our promise

As the Governing Board and staff of Langdale Primary School, we promise that all of our children will be taught the skills and knowledge to be responsible citizens, make good choices, become what they aspire to be and to positively give back to their community.