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Key Stage 1

Children are taught the basic skills of using the computer. To do this we cover topics such as:

  • Logging on to the computer
  • Opening and saving their work
  • Typing skills and improving the speed and accuracy of their work
  • Word processing work which involves the production of stories and poems
  • Desk Top Publishing where pictures are integrated with text to produce a poster
  • Graphical work such as a greetings card and image manipulation
  • Looking at how ICT is used outside of school
  • At the end of KS1 students are ready to explore computer programming using Purplemash 2Code.
  • Investigate how personal information should / could be kept safe (what we refer to as our SMART rules). See below.

Key Stage 2

Children are now introduced to more “specialist” and advanced types of software. They are also expected to work more independently and solve problems by themselves.

  • Extend their programming knowledge by using Win Logo, Scratch, CoCo and other types of programming language
  • Use spreadsheet software to model various situations
  • Produce a database which they can search and produce reports
  • Create games and Apps
  • Learn about computer networks
  • Presentation software will be used to produce work for intended audiences
  • Additional to computing lesson, research is carried out in other areas of the curriclum (e.g. science, history and geography)using a computer and then work presented professionally
  • Explore issues of plagerism and copyright, and learn about accuracy of information. We continue to follow the SMART rules of 'internet safety'.
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