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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Welcome to our Nursery Page




Our teaching staff in Nursery are:

Mr Nicklin - Teacher

Mrs Whittaker - Teaching Assistant


Please browse our page to see some of the wonderful things we have been doing in our Nursery class. 

Opposites: Nocturnal and Diurnal

The Nursery children have been fascinated  by our opposites topic and especially loved the book "A Cold Dark Night". We explored how some animals were nocturnal and awake at night and most were diurnal which meant they were awake during the day. The children had fun making dens for the different nocturnal animals, writing in the sandy night sky, matching feathers to numbered owls and crafting playdough hedgehogs. They have also worked immensely hard on their animal paintings which we created to help identify which animals were nocturnal and diurnal. We have them proudly displayed on our classroom window for all to see. 



Humpty Dumpty Experiments. 


In Nursery we have looked at the famous nursery rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. We had a special mission to find a material that Humpty could land on without breaking. So we explored different materials and made predictions on whether the eggs would break or not. We found that the best were polystyrene, feathers, paper straws and surprisingly beans! The stones and marbles however, were not very forgiving to poor Humpty...













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During our week of experiments we also made Humpty Dumpty art work by throwing eggshells full of paints from different heights. We think it turned out looking like a masterpiece. Take a look at some of our videos. We then used these egg shells to mkae a collage of Humpty Dumpty. 


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Magic Spells and Potions


The Nursery children have loved exploring Winnie the Witch and being magical this week. They have worked so well in partners to collect different ingredients for their spells. We then added secret magic potion and sprinkle of magic powder to complete their spells. Their imaginative and creative ideas have been wonderful and they even managed to make it rain!













Autumn Walk 


The Nursery children have been so interested by all the different leaves they have been finding. We went on a huge Autumn walk to see what different things we could find. We came across leaves from different trees, berries, cherries, apples, beach nuts, pine cones and even some conkers! We decided to collect them all together to make our Autumn collage. 









Little Red Hen's Bread

In Nursery we have been helping out Little Red Hen. She has been feeling sad all week as nobody ever helps her make any bread and always has to do it by herself. So we decided to work as a team and make some bread to share with the Little Red Hen. We hope she enjoys her slice... We sure did!







Boogie Beat!

We are so lucky to be taking part in Boogie Beat's singing, story and dancing activities this year. Every week the children have a chance to develop their physical and creative sides as well as having so much fun. Take a look at some of our pictures. (A special thanks to wrap-around who have funded the scheme).  








Boogie Beat Singing

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One of the many songs we have enjoyed singing in Boogie Beat.