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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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PTFA News and Events

Welcome to the PTFA section. We are a group of staff and parents who volunteer to host events to raise funds for all the extras to support our children at Langdale. 

If you would like any more details of what we do or how you can help please contact us:


Join our Facebook group:  'Friends of Langdale Primary School'


Our current target are: 

Short term project: To fund a new sound system for the school to make the wonderful performances and events we put on throughout the year even better.

Longer term project: To fund the purchase of a minibus for the school to enable our children to travel more conveniently on school trips and sporting events. This is obviously a huge challenge and will require a lot of support and events to raise the money needed.


Thank you for your continued support.



Last year the school and the PTFA raised money for 'Langdale's Landscape.'


This project was to invest in our outdoor space, ensuring our children are provided with a wealth of learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Take a look at our ambitious plan, outlined in the picture above. Our plan includes a small farm, an outdoor theatre, a scooter path around the perimeter of the field and access to a variety of outdoor environments that will allow our children to engage in forest schools and other outdoor ventures.


As you can see around the school this project has really taken shape and the children are already enjoying lots of activities. We are pleased to announce that the PTFA have managed to fund the purchase of the outdoor theatre and this will be open for use early next year.


Thanks PTFA