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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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As in every year group at Langdale Primary, Year Six block the teaching of the curriculum. This means that we teach a unit of a subject collectively over the course of a week or two. For example, we might spend three weeks teaching an area of Science, History or Geography to help to enable the children's progression in this subject. During the course of the academic year, children will learn about the following areas:




Evolution and inheritance

The circulatory system


Animals including humans



Initially, we take an in depth look at WW2 where we discuss the Axis and Allies and look at the impact it had on Great Britain. We analyse a variety of sources and think about their bias, reliability and whether they are a primary or secondary source. Later in the year, we learn about how the war impacted our local area. We look at how the government utilised areas such as Trentham, Stoke on Trent and Newcastle to help support the war effort. We end our History learning by comparing it to other wars throughout histpry.



In Art we look at artists such as Henry Matisse and Grayson Perry. We learn how to interpret and create abstract art and do this using a range of methods such as clay work and painting.


Design and Technology:

In this area of the curriculum, we use a range of tools to complete tasks. Tools include glue guns, cutting equipment and measuring equipment such as scales. We teach the children key skills such as cooking where we make a tasty omelette and a spicy curry!



We continue to work with instruments such as the recorder and glockenspiel in Year Six. We learn how to sing and play along to classic songs and take a look at the popular singer Adele.


Modern Foreign Languages:

We learn the basics of a variety of foreign languages in Year Six. Basic French is recapped throughout the year using our months and days display where children are encouraged to give the date in French and we also learn simple greetings and how to count to ten in Mandarin.