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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Year 5

                           Welcome to our Year 5 team!


The staff members in Year 5 are:


Mrs Jones (5J class teacher and year group leader)

Mr Foreman (5F  class teacher)

Mrs Mathers (Year 5 Teaching Assistant)


In Year 5, we aim to give your child the best education through fun, exciting and thought provoking activities that inspire children to become independent learners! We know how important your child's education is, and in Year 5 your children will be taking their next steps toward their final year of primary school. The standard of work and expectation in Upper Key Stage 2 is of a high level and therefore we aim to ensure that children are fully equipped with the knowledge needed to reach their full potential! 


In Year 5, we operate an open door policy, and all staff members are happy to talk to parents and carers about any concerns or matters they may have. For safeguarding purposes, please enter the school via the office and you will be directed from here.

(This will not be possible in September due to current issues so you will be required to phone the office or send an email please)

Tel; 01782 948000   email:


We hope you will enjoy visiting our page, and we also hope you find everything you are looking for!


Let us tell you a little bit about life in Year 5...


In Year 5, our day usually consists of English and Maths being taught in the morning, with a creative approach to our learning in the afternoon! From September, Year 5 are learning all about the Vicious Vikings! We have been investigating why they were so vicious and who was able to stop them!!


Rules and expectations.


In Year 5, we need to take responsibility for bringing in our own equipment for lessons so that we are ready and able to learn from the very start of each lesson!

Children are asked to bring in their reading books and water bottles to school with them every day. Children will also need to bring in their own pencil cases in September. 



Our P.E. day is Thursday and your child will be expected to come to school wearing their kit and they will stay in it all day.



Homework will consists of spellings and Maths key facts. These will go out every Monday for a test the following Monday. Please check on Google Classroom as this is where the homework will be set from now on.  Children will also need their  Home-School Links books (reading diaries) to be handed in on a Monday morning. They will be checked and signed by the teacher each Wednesday then given back out to the children. We ask that children aim for at least 3 signatures per week. Children who achieve this will gain a tick on the reading rocket reward chart each week. 


In Year 5, we take responsibility very seriously, and we are always striving to follow our school golden rules:


We work hard

We listen

We are gentle

We are kind

We are helpful

We are honest


Throughout the year, we will be adding lots of important information to our class page so that you can be kept up to date with any events such as: class plays, class trips and parents evenings.





Here are some new weblinks to try at home!


Our Science Moon Phase Link!! 



Maths at Langdale

At Langdale, we use the White Rose scheme of learning whilst still personalising the learning for all children. White Rose encourages the children to use mental fluency, reasoning and problem solving which helps them to have a adaptable and secure approach to maths.

  If you would like to see examples of how the four maths operations are now taught, please have a look at the clips below to see an example of how we teach addition, subtraction, multiplication and division: Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division

Curriculum overview Spring

Curriculum Overview Autumn 1

Knowledge Organisers - Autumn Term

Moving to Year 5!

Spelling programme for Year 5

To access our full curriculum planning, please click this link: