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Y3 Romans in Britain trip to

the Grosvenor Museum, Chester

Y3 had a great day out in Chester at the Grosvenor Museum, exploring Roman artefacts discovered at what was one of the Romans' greatest forts in Britannia. The children also went on a march through Chester, led by a Roman centurion, and found out about Roman tactics in warfare! See the photos for a flavour of the day. 


Launch Day - The Romans (History) and

'Escape from Pompeii' (new class English text)

To launch our new learning this term, the children found out the about ancient Roman city of Pompeii and the events that happened following the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. The children modelled volcanoes from mod roc and painted them, then created fantastic eruptions over the next few days using a mixture of water, washing up liquid, red food dye, bicarb and vinegar! Take a look at the photos of us all in action . . . 

Channeling Vincent Van Gogh!

Y3 was inspired to paint in the style of Van Gogh and created their own version of Starry Night at the end of our painting unit in Art.


Stone Age arefacts found at Langdale!

Kieran the caretaker made an amazing discovery while he was working in the school grounds . . . he had found what appeared to be items that could date back to the Stone Age! Kieran came to seek Y3's help in carefully collecting all the ancient artefacts from the soil. The children returned to class to investigate the find from the dig site, using all their skills to make suggestions about the name and purpose of each item, giving reasons for their ideas. Y3 think we may have found stone knives, a bracelet made from teeth, bone tools, throwing stones, arrow and spear heads.



              Geography field trip to the Festival Park                

Y3 went on a field trip to discover for ourselves how the Shelton Bar/Etruria area of Stoke-on-Trent has changed over time into what is now called the Festival Park. We applied our map skills to follow the route from Morrison’s car park in a loop around the Festival Parkway, passing the lakes and commercial areas and along the Festival Way, to the bridge on Forge Lane to view the Trent and Mersey Canal. From there, we followed the map to visit Etruria Hall, home of Josiah Wedgwood, and from there we returned to Morrison’s via Maypole Hill, site of the central area of the Garden Festival in 1986. We found lots of clues about changing land use over the last few centuries from collieries and steel works to the present day mix of urban features including tourism, entertainment and retail. By the end of the visit, the children had a very clear idea about how to answer the Big Question: Why do people visit Stoke-on-Trent ?


Y3 magic show!

To launch our new class text 'Leon and the Place Between' - which is set in a circus - we were very lucky to have a visit from professional magician and circus performer, Andrew van Buren. He did some magic tricks for us, amazed us with riding a very big unicycle and taught us all sorts of circus skills such as juggling, hoola-hooping and using a diablo. Here are some photos of us in action . . . 

Clarice Cliff-inspired artwork

As a great finale to our local History topic about Stoke-on-Trent, the children researched the work of Clarice Cliff and discussed which of her iconic designs they liked most. They created their own Clarice Cliff-inspired art on a plate from Gladstone Pottery Museum, which they later painted and outlined. The results are brilliant and the children proudly showed their work to classmates. Some plates are on display in class for a short time; all plates will come home very soon.

Smoky Stoke art

Towards the end of our local history topic, the children looked at the work of local artist Sid Kirkham, who captured the effects of industrialisation in a unique way. The children were set the challenge of creating their own piece of art with the theme 'Smoky Stoke', using the medium of charcoal.

Launch Day - 'The Tin Forest.'

This week, the children have been introduced to the class text for this half term, 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward. Different themes from the text were explored during Tuesday - beginning with the shocking discovery of rubbish in the classrooms! The children categorised the rubbish and discussed the effect it has on the environment. Later, the children found out about different types of forest and matched animals to their rainforest habitat, as well as using scientific clues to match exotic plants to their names. The children explored the new medium of florist's wire to create flowers, finishing the design with tissue paper. During the afternoon, everyone planted some seeds and sketched flowers using observational skills.