Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

Home Page

* Meet Our Team

Please book an appointment through the school office should you wish to meet with a member of staff to discuss your children's learning.

Senior Leadeship Team 

 Head Teacher~ Mrs. N. Cartwright

Deputy Head Teacher ~ Mrs. C. Nadin


Middle Leadership Team

EYFS Leader ~ Mr. B. Nicklin

KS1 Leader ~ Mrs. C.Nadin

KS2 Leader~ Mrs.L. Jones


Inclusion Leader~ Mr J. Baxter

Community Cohesion - Mrs R Timmis

Online Safety Lead ~ Mrs C. Barker 



Designated Safeguarding Lead  ~ Mrs. N. Cartwright

Deputy Safeguarding Lead ~ Mrs. C. Nadin

Safeguarding Lead - Mr J .Baxter


EWAO (Education Welfare and Attendance Officer): Mrs J.Allen - Safeguarding Lead


Teaching Staff and Support Staff

Nursery Teacher 

Mr B. Nicklin

Support: Mrs E. Whittaker


Reception Teachers

Mrs C. Barker and Mrs C. Nadin (R1) and Mrs N. Kemlo (R2)

Support: Mrs F. Griffiths and Mrs P. Edwards


Year 1 Teachers

Mrs L. Quick and Mrs C.Nadin (1Q) and Miss S. Probert (1P)

Support: Mrs S.Askew and Mrs S.Rowley


Year 2 Teachers

Miss K. Underwood (2U) and Mr J. Baxter (2B)

Support: Mrs M. Smith, Mrs L.Edwards and Mrs B. Amesbury


Year 3 Teachers

Miss P. Hall (3H) and Mrs M.Bate (3B)

Support: Mrs J. Capper and Mrs J.Farmiloe


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs R. Timmis (4T) and Miss S. Dunn (4D)

Support:  Mrs A. Leech 


Year 5 Teachers

 Mrs L. Jones (5J) and Mr J. Foreman (5F)

Support: Miss C. Ruscoe 


Year 6 Teachers

Mr E. Warrillow (6W) and Miss K.Fudger (6F)

Support:  Mrs M. Ellison and Miss N.Hussain


Office Staff

Office Manager (Mon-Thurs): Mrs. J. Amphlett

Office Manager (Friday): Mrs. K. Cogan

Clerical Assistant: Sarah Fox


Lunchtime Supervisors

To be updated


Care Club and Wrap Around staff


Senior Management Team

Deputy Managers:  Ms C. Harper and Mrs E. Sparkes


Miss M. Brookes
Mrs L. Clowes
Miss V. Cooke
Miss R. Eld
Miss K.Harding
Miss A. 

Miss C. Toth


Site Staff

Caretaker: Mr. S. Crawley

Janitor: Mr. A. Perry


ICT Technician: Mr. A. Russell