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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

We are looking forward to the 2022/23 academic year with our new classes!

 Year 6 is a year of hard work, but also lots of fun. We look forward to working with you all!


The staff:

Mr Foreman (class teacher 6F)

Mrs Hodgkins (class teacher 6HN Wed-Fri)

Mrs Nadin (class teacher 6HN Mon-Tues)

Mrs Smith (TA)




To access our full curriculum planning, please click this link:

Useful revision sites for SATs




Maths homework - 


Times tables  -


Length Problems

Missing Numbers Practice 1

Missing Numbers Practice 2

Problems with digit cards


More Percentages

Rounding Numbers

Reading Scales (length)

Time Calculations


Weight and Ratio

Reading Scales (weight)

Inverse Operations

Interactive Maths Games (link to website)


Literacy - Woodlands Junior Full range of activities to support all aspects of Literacy

  • Spellings Usefull website to support with spelling
  • Bitesize - Spelling and grammar Poor spelling and grammar can be really confusing! A good understanding of spelling and grammar will make you a better writer, reader and all round communicator. Help with nouns, adjective, punctuation and lots more !
  • Bitesize - Writing Writing is an important part of communicating with others. You need to write in a way your reader can easily understand what you are trying to tell them. Use this site to write in different genres.
  • Bitesize - Reading Reading fiction and non fiction texts including adverts, dictionaries and poetry. Learn how to look at language, layout and meaning.
  • Writing Mat Useful mat full of tips, strategies and ideas to boost your writing!
  • Literacy Printable Literacy revision activities.
  • Maths Mansion !! You are trapped in a Gothic mansion by Bad Man until you can successfully crack the maths challenges! Enter the television adventure game for 9 - 11 year olds
  • Maths Games Range of games to test your skills in all areas of Maths
  • Mathematics Who wants to be a Mathionaire ? Test your mathematical knowledge to win one million.
  • Maths Revision Series of activities to aid SATs revision covering previous SATs paper questions.
  • Bitesize - Mathematics - Handling Data You can do a lot with the information you find. Learn about understanding and presenting data in this section. Includes frequency diagrams, mean, ode and median and probabiltiy.
  • Mental Maths Boost your mental maths skills with this quick fire game.
  • Maths Mat A useful tool with vocabulary, calculation strategies and conversion charts.


Many parents often ask for practise SATs papers. Click on the link to access the key stage 2 SATs sample papers . These use similar questions to those that will be asked in May 2021.


Try a question a night, or four or so a week.


Short and snappy revision over time is much better than trying to cram at the last second!


Please find all homework and weekly newsletters on Google Classroom.