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‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Welcome to our Nursery Page


Our teaching staff in Nursery are:

Mr Nicklin - Teacher

Mrs Whittaker - Teaching Assistant


Please browse our page to see some of the wonderful things we have been doing in our Nursery class. 


Throughout the year Nursery will be looking at different topics which offer a huge range of learning opportunities and experiences.

The topics are as followed:

Autumn Term 1 - Paint Me a Rainbow (Colours, Settling in and Being Imaginative)
Autumn Term 2 - Rhyme Time (Literacy. Rhyming and Creative Skills)

Spring Term 1 - Fantastic Beasts. (Animals and Habitats)
Spring Term 2 - To Grow or Not to Grow (Growth, Healthy Eating & Plants)

Summer Term 1 -  Are We There Yet? (Travel and Transport)

Summer Term 2 - Once Upon a Time (Traditional Tales) 

Bright Stanley Shadow Writing


This week in Nursery we have been reading 'Bright Stanley'. We talked about how shadows are made and explored them in more detail during our Welly Wednesday. We practiced our writing skills by drawing around different shadows we could find or make.


Dinosaur Prints!

Nursery have started their 'Fantastic Beasts' topic by finding dinosaur footprints on the playground! They measured how long the footprints were and recorded the length in hope that we could identify which dinosaur it might be. The children were especially great at touch counting and working in teams.

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?


Nursery we have been looking at 'Brown Brown, Brown Bear, What Do You See?' We've pretended to be bears and walked barefoot on different surfaces. We used our vocabulary to help us describe textures and materials. We have also moved and played music in different ways to represent the different animals from the book.