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Langdale Primary School

‘’Work Together, Learn Together, Grow Together’’

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Welcome to our Nursery Page


Our teaching staff in Nursery are:

Mr Nicklin - Teacher

Mrs Whittaker - Teaching Assistant


Please browse our page to see some of the wonderful things we have been doing in our Nursery class. 

Hedgehog Homes!


Whilst looking at our 'Fantastic Beasts' topic, the nursery children read the story 'It was a Cold, Dark Night' to learn about hedgehogs and nocturnal animals. They helped to figure out which animals were awake at night (nocturnal) and which were awake during the day time (diurnal). We then decided to make some hedgehog homes around the grounds in case we had any visiting our school. Take a look at the wonderful dens. 



Festive Fun


During the Christmas period, the Nursery have had a guest in the classroom to support with learning and to create some more festive cheer. Unfortunately, he hasn't been the most helpful Elf and has been hiding a lot and has played trick on us too. Firstly, the classroom had a delivery from Santa to help sort out the presents ready for Christmas day but the cheeky Elf loves hiding presents so we had to go on a present hunt and use our number knowledge to sort the found presents. A week later, the children have been given and early Christmas present from Santa himself as a thank you for all of their hard work. Once again, the Elf hid the present and sent us all around the school, following clues until we eventually found our early Christmas present - a fantastic new kitchen for our role play area! The children also loved their party day and were wowed by the magician's magic show.  

Humpty Dumpty Experimenting 


This week, the children have been trying to stop Humpty Dumpty from breaking every time he falls off the wall. We decided to drop eggs onto different materials to see if anything was safe for him to land on. Before we dropped our eggs, we made predictions of what we thought would happen and the reasons why. We found that baked beans was one of the best materials for him to land on.


We also gave the children an egg to look after for the day to show them how to be responsible and to get them thinking about how to keep something delicate safe. We had some brilliant ideas of how to stop the eggs from breaking, such as making a den or keeping them close to us. The children did extremely well to when looking after their eggs even though we had a few mishaps along the way. Well done to those eggs that lasted until home time too!


Finally, we ended our eggcellent week by making artwork with cracked eggs. We filled eggs with paint and threw them onto a canvas to make a masterpiece that Jackson Pollock himself would be proud of.

The Gruffalo


This week, the children have been on a walk to have lunch with the Gruffalo. The children helped to retell the story when they saw each animal then used their maths skills to fill up the bucket with found items for the Gruffalo to eat. Once we found the Gruffalo the children were unsure of whether he was going to eat them or the lunch they had put together. Luckily, no children were eaten and the Gruffalo was left feeling full from so many lunches. 


The children have also being following instructions to make Gruffalo crumble, learning about road safety and painted some beautiful pictures of the animals from the story. 

The Gingerbread Man



This week the children have had so much fun exploring the story of the 'Gingerbread Man'. We had a letter from Mrs and Mr Baker to say that they had baked another gingerbread man and he had escaped and was hiding in our Nursery. He has been spotted all week paying tricks on us and has eventually been caught and returned to the Bakers. 

This children have helped to make gingerbread people themselves, joined in moving in different ways to catch the gingerbread man and explored touch counting and matching maths activities. Take a look on the website for some pictures. 

Magical Spells


The children found lots of natural resources today to help make magical spells. They collected different coloured leaves, apples, grass, flowers, shells, conkers, seeds and sticks before 'magical potion' was added. They then cast their spells which saw Mr Nicklin and Mrs Whittaker turns into dragons, frogs, cats, unicorns and more! 

Making Bread for Little Red Hen

Painting with Elmer

Welly Wednesday Mud Kitchen